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Dubai Skyrail is clearly rooted in a history of hard work in a difficult and inherently dangerous industry. Company founder John. Wesley formed a business by providing the most basic of lifting devices, fabrication of crane, machining and maintenance. It wasn’t the cleanest, and certainly not the easiest job around but it was fundamental to the industry.

Our Product

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Gantry Cranes

Dubai Skyrail manufactures Gantry Cranes as per customer’s requirement. Single Girder & Double Girder type and these cranes are run on floor mounted rail by its two legs fabricated from steel sections.

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Mono Rails System

Dubai Skyrail monorails system give you the certainty of solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements for linear, overhead handling. Their special strengths are to be found in their many options:

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JIB Crane

Creating a niche of EOT Crane such as Double Girder EOT Crane and Single Girder EOT Crane at its best, with utmost quality. With the aid of our hardworking professionals, we have been able to come up with a range of Jib Crane.

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Goods Lift

We are one of the fastest growing Goods lift, Hoist & Crane Manufacturers in Dubai. With our impeccable quality, high efficiency and strong structure, we stand as one of the most predominant names in the crane industry.

Our Service

Planning Design

Efficiency results from optimum interaction between all components. This applies to technical solutions as well as to the people who operate the technology. We set standards in the planning and design of plant and equipment with our certified consulting expertise.

Analysis & Consulting

You can rely on our advice. At all times.You do not have to be a crane expert in order to achieve optimum use of your equipment.You can simply benefit from our expertise gained in almost 30 years of experience as a manufacturer and operator of cranes and hoists.


Whilst each requirement is different in many aspects of the assignments we handle, we follow a basic, proven 8 step process in order to deliver to our client’s needs and expectations.

Installation and Commissioning

We are very particular about what we do. Only we are allowed to install and commission our equipment – because nobody knows our products better than us, the manufacturer.

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