Asset Management /Equipment Services

Asset Management

Shield, our unique asset management programme, offers you the best of both worlds: the reassurance of ownership with the convenience of regular, proactive care.

With Shield, you can forget the headache of arranging regular safety checks and maintenance. We manage everything on your behalf, carrying out retests as required and taking care of cleaning and repairs.

Your programme is carefully tailored to your needs. You stay fully in control with regular reports on retest results and work required. And nothing is done without an order from you in writing – that’s guaranteed.

Shield gives you more time to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that your equipment will always be up to speed and fully compliant with all relevant regulations. And using clean, well-maintained kit projects an image of professionalismand reliability, which reassures your clients, and ensures the safety of your site operatives.

Letting go of control over a given area of a Plant / Equipment Managers responsibility is a potentially onerous action for any company but we have a ‘concrete’ guarantee:

No work is carried out or costs incurred without an official approval in the form of a written order number.

Our clients remain in control of the level of work carried out on a specific item of equipment.

We always give our quotation for approval prior to incurring costs.
We are governed by our Mission Statement, which states that “We are a progressive organization, operating on an overriding policy of Honesty, Fairness and Open Integrity”

Asset Management programs are periodically reviewed to allow for any tweaks or changes to ensure optimum levels of practicality and satisfaction.

Equipment Services

Almost 70 percent of plant equipment failures stem from improper installation, lack of maintenance or incorrect start-up and shutdown procedures. When equipment fails, the biggest cost is time -production time and maintenance staff time. Add to that the price of repairing or replacing components more often than planned, and the total cost of ownership soars.

To reduce unplanned maintenance and avoid unnecessary replacement costs, John Crane Equipment Service oversees critical systems checks and plant equipment maintenance, as well as engineered component repair, removal and reinstallation services. Assistance can be provided during unplanned shutdowns to get equipment back up and running quickly, or during planned maintenance to optimize your process and achieve your shutdown window.

Risks of Misalignment

Due to the excessive vibration it can cause, inaccurate shaft alignment is one of the most common culprits of seal damage, bearing failure and coupling failure.

Even the most conservative surveys indicate that 50 percent of all machine breakdowns are directly due to poor alignment, and some show that up to 90 percent of machines are running beyond their recommended tolerances.

Dubai Skyrail Engineers understands the importance of proper alignment, and our engineers have a full set of diagnostic tools at their disposal to identify signs of misalignment or improper installation.

All Dubai Skyrail equipment maintenance services are available on a contract or as-needed basis. By scheduling timed, frequent health care checks, customers can uncover potential problems early on, providing opportunities for corrective or preventative measures that could help maximize uptime and limit the need for reactive maintenance. To identify possible risks, we evaluate the entire process – rather than just an isolated system – and then help optimize it to reduce maintenance costs and improve overall reliability.