Goods Lift

We are one of the fastest growing Goods lift, Hoist & Crane Manufacturers in India. With our impeccable quality, high efficiency and strong structure, we stand as one of the most predominant names in the crane industry. Our products are used in diverse industries and are easy to both operate and maintain.

Goods Lift is most popular design of Dubai Skyrail and proven to wide applications.

Dubai Skyrail has unique arrangement of providing four “T” guides for balanced loading and guide rollers for smooth and efficient drive. The goods lift is being operated by push button station fixed outside the cage on respective floors. The operation logic is “lift can be called for or sent from any floor to any other floor level”. The cage movement automatically stop in case if any floor door is open.

The floor doors are provided with mechanical and electrical locking arrangement. Hence unless floor door is closed properly lift cannot be started. Additional gravity limit switch is provided for extra safety. In case of failure of over hoisting limit switch, power will be cut off by gravity limit switch upon over travelling of the cage.

Manufactured using best quality raw material, our range of goods elevators have a compact and simple design and hence is easy to operate. The cage is constructed of rolled steel sections and sides are enclosed with bumped sheets. Ceiling and sides are provided with sectioned interlock panels welded from outside to provide rigidity and strength to bear the impact during material stacking. Cage crest is roofed with M.S. Sheets and base is enclosed with Ms Plate. Cage is provided with collapsible doors as per doorway position.

Material being Used: The cage is being guided with Guide rollers on the T-guide rail to ensure that the cage travel remains in perfect true vertical direction. Anti-friction bearings are provided for smooth and efficient travelling with low friction and longer life.