Service Agreement

Service agreements offer optimum care throughout the entire life cycle of your equipment – for optimum safety, reliability and availability.

Cranes, hoists and load handling attachments of all types perform tasks in a wide variety of industries every day. If equipment breaks down, the flow of material is interrupted, handling cycles cannot be maintained and production processes are disrupted or brought to a standstill. That costs money. For this reason, we ensure that failures are minimised.

Tailored Service Packages

Dubai Skyrail service agreements enable you to meet your specific maintenance requirements with ease for sustained reliability. Working together, our service consultants clarify all service requirements to be met by your materials handing plant and equipment – any make – and offer you recommendations for appropriate services and intervals to fit your needs.

Attractive Cost Advantages

You also benefit in terms of maintenance costs too. By arranging a service agreement with us we will provide you with Dubai Skyrail quality at preferential prices.

Further Benefits

  • Optimum safety, reliability and equipment availability
  • Maintain the value of your equipment
  • Effective budget planning over the agreed duration
  • Costs benefits compared to individual orders
  • Less effort required for commercial management